So B. It - Sarah Weeks

     In the beginning of the book Heidi, Bernadette and Mama were introduced. Heidi is the daughter of Mama who is mentally a little slower than some others and says her name is So B. It, Bernadette is their neighbor who helped Mama raise Heidi since she couldn't. Heidi was always interested in knowing things so she started making lists on what she knew and didn't know about different people. Mama says "soof" at random times and she wanted to know what it meant but her mom was not able to tell her even if she wanted to because she couldn't speak especially in full sentences. Anyways Heidi wanted to find out what "soof" meant so she went out of her way to go to the mental hospital/ home to find out Mama's history. Once she got there after her long journey ( which she had to go on by herself because Bernadette was afraid of the outside) she found out "soof" was her fathers name for her mother  ( he had the same disability as her) , her grandmother got ran over by a bus and her grandfather didn't want another disabled child to be brought into this world so he payed Heidi's grandmother to stay away from him and his son if she wanted her daughter to have a baby.


     This text is the most relatable so far. This text relates to me because like Heidi I like to know different things especially about my family history. This text relates to "Out of my mind" in my opinion because they are both facing life as or with disabilities which was insightful. This text relates to the world because it shows that not everyone has a great past but what is in their future is key.


     I would recommend this book to anyone once again. More specifically I would recommend this book to people who like to think and solve mysteries. I say this because this book seemed mostly like mystery to me, the way Heidi went to look for clues about her past and actually found them!