The Christmas Spirit is Here

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

     In this book the main character Ebenezer Scrooge was a grumpy old man who disliked everyone and everything but he what he hated was christmas!  In the beginning of the book Scrooge had the worst christmas spirit and didnt mind killing others right along with his. Soon enough his friend Bob Marley's ghost self came to life and told Scrooge that if he kept being grumpy and rude he would have chains attached to him from "locks" that he didnt unlock when he was alive. From here he met 3 ghosts who showed him who he was in the past ( a nice young man with a huge heart until he started loving money more than love itself)  , who he is now , and who he will be in the future (dead and people selling his stuff for money without a care) . In the end Scrooge realized what type of person he was and wanted to change, so he picked up his spirits and gave his clerk Bob Cratchit a raise and praise for his excellent work and helped his great nephew Tiny Tim get the help he needed to survive. 


     This text was very easy to connect to. I could connect because I know a lot of people ( including me) who keep their spirits high during Christmas and do not let anyone bring them down just like Scrooge's nephew stayed enthusiastic even when his unclue declined his Christmas invitation in such a harsh way. This text does not relate to another text for me because it is one of a kind in such a good way . I loved the way it had the spirits show him the past, present and future because it was so much like the movie! This text relates to the world because there are some people who never get into the holiday spirit or always have a grumpy attitude.


     I would reccomend this book to mostly anyone. I would especially reccomend it to people celebrate a holiday that you need to have a good spirit for. I say this because even though this is a Christmas book it still has the fell of other holidays like thanksgiving and hanukkah.