Best Graphic Novel

Cardboard - Doug TenNapel

     This book started off with it being Cam's birthday. His father Mike is the only one providing for the family since Cam's mom died, so the only thing he can afford for a present is a cardboard box.This box seemed to Mike as the worst gift a father could give his child but little did he know it would change their life. That night they made and paint a boxer out of the cardboard, then in the middle of the night it came to life! The boxer who they named Bill was a wonderful friend and supporter with him Cam was being bullied by the evil Marcus who stole his cardboard maker to make evil creatures(but is rich). Long story short Marcus, Cam, Lyle and Bill got stuck in a cardboard world made by the evil cardboard Marcus. Fortunately, it was raining outside and the rain destroyed all the villains (but also sadly including Bill). The ending was the best part, Lyle and the neighbor Tina were on their journey of love and Bill came back to life but in human form.


     This was definitely a book a lot of people could relate to. I could relate to this book only because if my cardboard friend was squirted with water and was disintegrating I would make a maker to get unlimited cardboard. This text relates to the text because all of Doug TenNapel's graphic novels are nice to read and understand. This text relates to the world because there are some people who are rich but still take because they realize the non-materialistic like love and friendship are nicer to have.

     I would recommend this book to anyone who knows how to read and see because this is a great book and not too long plus the pictures are great and descriptive. I think anyone with a good imagination would like this book. 


Source: http://booklikes.com